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What are the odds,,,,,,,,

May 22, 2017


I took the day yesterday to do some genealogy.  And what a day it turned out to be!!  What are the odds I would find another newspaper article in the same newspaper two years later that made reference to my missing great-grand-aunt Phebe L Parker?  Not only that but what are the odds each newspaper article would have parts of her spouse's name wrong?  In my last post, I have an obituary for my great-grand-aunt Rosilla Parker Weidner which mentions a sister, "Mrs. Isaac Parr" which by process if elimination was determined to be Phebe L Parker.  Wonderful!  That gave me a lead, and I was excited. 

So I searched and searched for Isaac Parr or Phebe Parr in both Harford and Hartford, NY.  As you may recall there are both in the state of NY.  I believed very strongly that it was the Harford, without the t and it has turned out I was correct.  But there was no Isaac Parr that fit the information I knew to be true.  I was frustrated.  I had exhausted all possibilities.  I knew there were several other mistakes in the obit so now what do I do?

Yesterday I decided to take another look through the same newspaper to see if I could find anything else.  Sure enough I found another newspaper article dated about 2 years later that again made reference to Phebe by way of the spouse's name.  This time the name was a J. Banker.  Seriously?  Could she have remarried in 2 years time or was the name wrong in the first one?

Off to ancestry to do some more searching.  Long story short, I believe I have the name straightened out.  What are the odds the first article had the first name right but the last name wrong, and the second article had the first name wrong but the last name right?  Confused yet?  So was I!!  But after a lot of searching, comparing dates and locations with what little information I had.  I have determined, and I am pretty sure I am right, that Phebe's husband was actually an Isaac W. Banker.  To add confusion to the mix, Phebe was using her middle name, which I did not know what it was.  It has shown up as Louise, Louisa, and Ludemia!!

I also discovered that Phebe was married a second time.  Just one year after Isaac died she married a fellow by the name of Jonathan C Edmonds.  They were married for about 12 years before he died in 1917.  After that, Phebe remained unmarried until she died in 1931.

Here is the second article.

Mrs. Henry Rader was my great-grand-aunt Mary Amelia Parker Rader. It was at her house that her sister Rosilla died.

There is still much research to do.  I want to find out the cause of death of Isaac W Banker.  I found that Phebe's second husband committed suicide and have a newspaper article about his death.  But I am still researching Isaac.  I am also searching for the exact death of Phebe and concrete proof that I do indeed have the correct person.  I am 99% sure I do, but I want more proof.  What I have now is pretty strong circumstantial evidence and a ton of notes, LOL.

Thank you to for the articles I have found thus far and also to as I have found many articles on there as well.  Newspaper articles, both obituaries and stories can provide a wealth of information for someone who takes the time to search.  Genealogy is not always as easy and the commercials seem to make it look.  You have to be a detective and pay attention to even the tiniest of details and always, always think outside the box. It's OK to make assumptions, but then follow through and find the proof!!  

Many ask is it worth it to have some paid subscriptions to sites like, and  YES, it is!!  But don't limit yourself there.  There are plenty of free sites to take advantage of as well.,,, and many others.  Use them all.  You will find that each have some records the others don't.

Keep searching my genealogy friends.  The truth is out there!!

Until next time,,,,,,,


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