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Update on family pics,,,,,,,,

March 27, 2017


In my last post I was talking about the family pictures I have inherited.  I still continue to sort and try to figure out who some of them are as time allows.  But first the update.  The picture I posted in front of the Parker House in Eldred, NY with Emily C. Parker Stevens, the lady with her is my grandmother Anna Smith Parker.  After going through other pictures and studying them closely I was able to figure out that was my grandma.  She would have been about 30 years old in that picture.  She and my Great Aunt Edith, my grandfather's sister, were very close.  Edith and Emily Parker were very good friends.  I believe Edith was the person taking the picture.

Then I came across a picture of my Aunt Edna and Bill Angerman, her husband.  It had to be taken somewhere between 1920 and 1925 when Aunt Edna died.  Sadly for them, they were not married very long when Aunt Edna passed from pneumonia.  Bill Angerman stayed on with my grandmother and family to help out as my grandfather had passed in 1922.  My mom was only 2 years old when her father passed.  In the 1930s Bill Angerman married my grandma.  Some of the family was not too happy about that, but Bill Angerman was a good man and he was good to my grandma and to my mother.  They were married for close to 25 years before my grandma passed.  Bill lived until 1977 and I always called him "grandpa".  I think of him often and the time I spent with him on the Parker homestead.

Bill and Edna Parker Angerman

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