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Time for a change,,,,,,,

April 12, 2017


I decided I have not freshened up the look of this page in a while so it was time for a change.  I don't know about you but after a while things can get a bit stale and boring.  I like to see a change every once in a while.  So now the header looks different and the craft page is gone.  My crafts will be sold in a different venue.  I'll post about that another time when I have things set up again.

Of course my main business is and always will be Parker House Pottery.  There is a link to that page by clicking on the tab above.  I think that site is due for a sprucing up as well, LOL.

I have so many genealogy files saved to my computer I am becoming very disorganized again and am due to take some time just to get things in order.  I keep finding new documents to support my research.  That's a good problem to have for a genealogist!  But unfortunately there are also some duplicates and I really need to whittle things down a bit.  July is typically a slow month in the crafting/ ceramics world so I think that will be a good time to just work on my genealogy files.  How often do you organize?  Do you have a regular system for organizing?  Any suggestions?  I am really not the best at organizing my files but I do make the effort when time allows.

I'm also behind on my correspondence with other family researchers and I need to take the time to do that as well.  I have made so many contacts over the years of researching and enjoy the thoughts and sharing of information.  My resource books need organizing again and I need to get back to working on the directory for the local cemeteries.  I have not done that in a while either.  Ah, the work never ends!!  But this is not really work to me.  It is a labor of love and a passion.  I love doing it!!

I would love to hear about your genealogy stories too!!

Until next time,,,,,,


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