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Same house, yes or no??,,,,,

May 30, 2017


While doing more research I found that my great grand aunt Phebe L Parker Banker Edmonds inherited a house and land from her second husband Jonathan C Edmonds on the Harford Dryden Rd. in Harford, NY.  Yes, I still believe I have the correct person!!  I found online court records showing his will and her taking ownership.  I have a picture from a distant cousin of a house that was supposedly "Aunt Deal's House" in 1931.  Which, by the way, is the same year that Phebe died.  I have suspected for a while that the house that was Aunt Deal's was actually Aunt Phebe's house and Aunt Deal inherited it.  Aunt Deal as she was called was actually Lydia Adelia Parker Kirk Couch, an older sister to Phebe and one of the twin sisters in the family.  Aunt Deal would out-live all of her siblings.

Anyhow, I went on google maps and starting searching.  I love google!!  I virtually drove up and down the Harford Dryden Rd for about 10 miles in each direction looking at houses trying to see if I could find the same house or one similar and I think I have found it!!  Granted, things have changed a lot over the years, but there is still enough there of the original in my opinion that I think it is the same house.  None of the other houses on this road, especially in Harford, come near the correct size and shape so that helps in narrowing it down.

Take a look and tell me what you think.

Not the best picture in the world, it is a copy of a copy I think.  But notice the little porch on the left side on the second floor, the wrap around porch, the tree on the right side, etc.

This is an older picture from google.  The porch has changed slightly, but the upper porch is still there.  The trees are basically the same.  This is a side view, which makes it appear slightly different.

This is the most recent picture on google.  There is no more wrap around porch.  But look where the sidewalk goes!  Obviously there was once a wrap around porch or at the very least a much bigger porch than there is now.  Also you can just make out the little porch on the left hand side upstairs.

I tried to get a little bit different angle so the upstairs porch would be more visible.  To me it seems like many of the basic components are still there or at least evidence they were there.  Of course these pictures are not nearly as good as they would be if I could be there physically.  In my opinion, this is the same house albeit quite a transformation over the years.  What do you think?

I wonder what our ancestors would think if they knew we could look at where they lived when they were alive, all from the comforts of our home?  Have you ever gone back and looked at a home that you lived in when you were young?  Did you do it from the computer or in person?  I like google earth because I can travel to places like this and see what things look like today.  I find it very interesting.

Speaking of interesting, I did not find in the online court records that Aunt Deal ever owned property in Harford, Cortland County, NY.  Neither did I find a will leaving her the house, but she was the last surviving family member at the time of Aunt Phebe's passing so it would have gone to her automatically.  Still, no probate records either.  Either the court records are not complete or perhaps for tax purposes Aunt Deal just left it in Phebe's name until she, herself, passed?  Who knows for sure?  

I have found no death records for Phebe other than where she is buried and her headstone says 1931 for year of death, but not an exact date.  So, I am currently scouring newspapers from 1931 in Cortland County trying to find an obituary or death notice that will allow me to pin that down.  It is a time consuming process as I am searching one page at a time, starting January 1st. and working my way through.

I never found any records on how Isaac W Banker died other than the death notice said he died suddenly and when the funeral was.  I guess that might remain a mystery.  I hope I am able to find more on Phebe.

One other short note.  I found that Phebe's step daughter from her second marriage died the year before her and Nellie's husband remarried that night!!  There was no obituary for Nellie but there was a wedding announcement in the paper for her husband's "quiet wedding" with just a few close friends and family present.  NO MENTION HIS WIFE DIED THAT VERY DAY!!  Something does not smell right in Denmark!! (as the old saying goes)  That is a mystery I truly want to unravel!!  

So many questions and not enough answers is what keeps a genealogist busy, LOL.

Until next time,,,,,,,



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Wow, Alice I love that you can go back and check things out. The pictures are so clear. It sure does look like the same house. I will have to try google earth, i have it but i guess i don't know how to use it like this. Will be trying it out.