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Kicked down another brick wall,,,,,,,,,

May 6, 2017


Yesterday I spent a lot of time working on genealogy and managed to kick down another brick wall!!  I am so thrilled!!

Remember my last post about thinking outside the box?  Well, here is another way to think outside the box and it paid off for me.  I went on trying to find an obituary for my great grand aunt Rosilla Parker Weidner.  I was getting no where searching under the proper spelling.  Yes, I did find a not of articles about the Weidner family in general but not the obituary I was hoping for.  I did not know when Rosilla had died so I was doing a broad search of just the name Weidner and going through one paper at a time.  That can be a long and tedious process.  After a while I gave up and decided to see if I could find a better obit of her sister, Mary Amelia Parker Rader who also lived in Luzern County, PA.  All I have is a death notice and not a full write up.

So, I checked the Wilkes-Barre papers first, nothing!  I decided to check the Pittston papers just in case.  About half way through the process I found an obituary for Rosilla!!  I would have NEVER have found it doing the search I was doing because there were a ton of misspellings in the obituary.  First her name was spelled wrong, they had Rossilla instead of Rosilla, they had Widenor instead of Weidner.  And there were other words misspelled.  But at least I found it!!

So there is a tip for you, try different spellings and also look at other relatives in the same area.

To top it off in finding Rosilla's DOD I also found a missing sibling listed in the obituary.  For years I have not been able to find any information on Phebe L Parker.  Many in the family assumed she died young because we just could not find anything on her past the age of 15.  By process of elimination I have determined that the sister listed as Mrs. Isaac Parr is actually Phebe L Parker!!  Now to find her in Hartford or Harford, NY is another matter.  

There are both a Hartford, with a t and a Harford, NY.  The one with the t is in Washington County and the one without the t is in Cortland County.  I am leaning towards the one without the t because we already know we had relatives from Cortland County plus in 1935 when her sister Lydia died, she owned a house in Harford, Cortland County.  I am guessing but not proven yet, that house had actually belonged to Phebe.  Time will tell.  I still have a lot of research to do yet, but at least I have some good clues to follow.  Let's just hope they did not misspell Isaac Parr in any way, LOL.

Think outside the box and be creative in how you search!  It pays off!!

Until next time,,,,,,,,


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