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March 15, 2017


So, here I am with my first genealogy post in a while and I have a wee bit of a conundrum.  After my cousin Val passed last November her husband John sent me several old family pictures.  Some are written on the back who they are and the time frame but many do not.  I found one in particular that really has me scratching my head.  Well, I did figure out some of it and I think I am right on the rest but not 100% sure.  I have been enlisting the help of friends and family, trying to figure it out.

I know for sure this picture was taken in Eldred, Sullivan, NY.  That is the Parker House Hotel there on the right.  I spoke to Teenie Myers who's grandfather James Young Parker, built the Parker House.  Teenie believes the woman on the left is her mother.  I have no reason to doubt her.  The woman on the right is the mystery.  I am leaning towards it being my grandmother, Annie Smith Parker.  But there lies the problem.  I have no pictures of my grandmother at a younger age.  The only pictures I have were taken around 1955 shortly before she died.  A much older woman at that time.  This picture is circa 1910 - 1915.  Teenie was born the same year as my mother, 1920 and God Bless her she is still going strong!!

Here is a postcard picture of the Parker House Hotel.  The pictures are extremely similar, but different time frame.

Slightly different angle and time frame but it is definitely the same place.

Below is a picture of my grandma Parker.  She is seated in the chair.  Looking at the facial features, especially the nose and chin, I think she could be the lady on the right in the top photo.  What do you think?

Here are a couple of facts that I do know for sure.  Emily C. Parker Stevens, the lady on the left and my Great Aunt Edith Parker were very good friends.  Edith is not in the picture but might be the one who took the picture.  Edith was very close to my grandma who was married to her oldest brother Warren Parker, my grandfather.  The picture was in the possession of my cousin Val who died this past November.  I cannot imagine her having a picture of someone who was not related.  Val did not grow up in Eldred.  She grew up in Broome County, NY and was the daughter of my grand parents oldest child who lived to adulthood, Benjamin Warren Parker.  Val did not know anyone from Eldred that I am aware of other than family, so again, I see no reason for her to have a picture if this is not a relative.  Next, looking at the time frame the picture was taken, all my aunts would have been too young to be that lady.  My great grand aunts would have all been too old.  That, in my mind, leaves one possibility, my grandma.  But please, look at the pictures and tell me what you think.

One last picture, my great aunt Edith.  At first Teenie thought the lady on the right might be her only because Edith and her mother were such close friends.  But as you will see in the picture below there is no resemblance whatsoever.  Edith is on the left in this picture with her aunt Charity Hulse Chase.  

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