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Experiments = experience part 2,,,,,

January 30, 2017


I am finally back to talk about my experiments.  It turned out to be very interesting.  The glass millefiori chips on the plate did not fare too well but that was a total experiment that I had no idea what the chips would do when they melted.  What I learned was it would not be worth trying to do design work with them because they lost most of their designs when melting.  They did melt well and it might be worth using plain glass chips to add color much like they did when using the old crystal glazes that had glass chips in them.

The kiln load was also under-fired a bit and I had to re-fire them.  That was a mistake on my part because I should have used one cone cooler than what I had.  When I re-fired I substituted another glazed plate for the one with the glass chips, no sense re-firing a piece that was not going to be usable or sellable.

The etched wares came out great once retired!!  Over-all, I am a very happy potter.


The one on the left you can see the plate with the glass chips, they just look like blobs of color, LOL.  The one on the right is a shot I did for instagram @candlehillfarms  it is 3 pictures combined and it was taken after the second firing.


The snow flakes on black really look pretty and remind me of snow flying against a night sky.  The zentangle design on the purple mug, (it's actually a dark purple like a grape color, picture does not do the color justice) has become my favorite mug.  I love the design work.  There are a few minor mistakes in it as it was my first time doing it.  And lastly the deep green plate came out awesome!!

I am really enjoying the etching, known as sgraffito.  It is time consuming but well worth the effort.  I love all the various designs that can be done.  I love it so much I kept going.


This is a set of 6 teacups and saucers.  First I penciled in the design, then etched it.  Then it will get 2 coats of clear glaze and be fired.  All my glazed items are food, microwave and dishwasher safe.  This will be a light green color, similar to a victorian green.

The last several days I finished the teacups and saucers including glazing.  And I glazed several of the dish set I had on the table just waiting for glaze.  I should have 2 kiln loads ready to be fired and will get that done some time this week.  Up next on my agenda of experiments is to make some simple drape molds.  Drape molds are used when working with slab clay to form shapes.  Some will be of small bowls and dishes.  I have so many ideas flowing through my mind right now and I am excited to tackle each one and see how they come out.

Until next time,,,,,,,,


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