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Shutting down,,,,,,

July 13, 2017


It has been a long time since I have written anything.  I am sorry.  I have found as I try to grow my pottery business I have less and less time to work on this blog or my other web site.  And so it is with sadness that I must close the web sites down and concentrate on my business.  I need to make a living, just like everyone else in the world.  I will be shutting down the sites around August 1st.  Thanks so much for making this journey with me!!


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Same house, yes or no??,,,,,

May 30, 2017


While doing more research I found that my great grand aunt Phebe L Parker Banker Edmonds inherited a house and land from her second husband Jonathan C Edmonds on the Harford Dryden Rd. in Harford, NY.  Yes, I still believe I have the correct person!!  I found online court records showing his will and her taking ownership.  I have a picture from a distant cousin of a house that was supposedly "Aunt Deal's House" in 1931.  Which, by the way, is the same year that Phebe died.  I have suspected for a while that the house that was Aunt Deal's was actually Aunt Phebe's house and Aunt Deal inherited it.  Aunt Deal as she was called was actually Lydia Adelia Parker Kirk Couch, an older sister to Phebe and one of the twin sisters in the family.  Aunt Deal would out-live all of her siblings.

Anyhow, I went on google maps and starting searching.  I love google!!  I virtually drove up and down the Harford Dryden Rd for about 10 miles in each direction looking at houses trying to see if I could find the same house or one similar and I think I have found it!!  Granted, things have changed a lot over the years, but there is still enough there of the original in my opinion that I think it is the same house.  None of the other houses on this road, especially in Harford, come near the correct size and shape so that helps in narrowing it down.

Take a look and tell me what you think.

Not the best picture in the world, it is a copy of a copy I think.  But notice the little porch on the left side on the second floor, the wrap around porch, the tree on the right side, etc.

This is an older picture from google.  The porch has changed slightly, but the upper porch is still there.  The trees are basically the same.  This is a side view, which makes it appear slightly different.

This is the most recent picture on google.  There is no more wrap around porch.  But look where the sidewalk goes!  Obviously there was once a wrap around porch or at the very least a much bigger porch than there is now.  Also you can just make out the little porch on the left hand side upstairs.

I tried to get a little bit different angle so the upstairs porch would be more visible.  To me it seems like many of the basic components are still there or at least evidence they were there.  Of course these pictures are not nearly as good as they would be if I could be there physically.  In my opinion, this is the same house albeit quite a transformation over the years.  What do you think?

I wonder what our ancestors would think if they knew we could look at where they lived when they were alive, all from the comforts of our home?  Have you ever gone back and looked at a home that you lived in when you were young?  Did you do it from the computer or in person?  I like google earth because I can travel to places like this and see what things look like today.  I find it very interesting.

Speaking of interesting, I did not find in the online court records that Aunt Deal ever owned property in Harford, Cortland County, NY.  Neither did I find a will leaving her the house, but she was the last surviving family member at the time of Aunt Phebe's passing so it would have gone to her automatically.  Still, no probate records either.  Either the court records are not complete or perhaps for tax purposes Aunt Deal just left it in Phebe's name until she, herself, passed?  Who knows for sure?  

I have found no death records for Phebe other than where she is buried and her headstone says 1931 for year of death, but not an exact date.  So, I am currently scouring newspapers from 1931 in Cortland County trying to find an obituary or death notice that will allow me to pin that down.  It is a time consuming process as I am searching one page at a time, starting January 1st. and working my way through.

I never found any records on how Isaac W Banker died other than the death notice said he died suddenly and when the funeral was.  I guess that might remain a mystery.  I hope I am able to find more on Phebe.

One other short note.  I found that Phebe's step daughter from her second marriage died the year before her and Nellie's husband remarried that night!!  There was no obituary for Nellie but there was a wedding announcement in the paper for her husband's "quiet wedding" with just a few close friends and family present.  NO MENTION HIS WIFE DIED THAT VERY DAY!!  Something does not smell right in Denmark!! (as the old saying goes)  That is a mystery I truly want to unravel!!  

So many questions and not enough answers is what keeps a genealogist busy, LOL.

Until next time,,,,,,,



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What are the odds,,,,,,,,

May 22, 2017


I took the day yesterday to do some genealogy.  And what a day it turned out to be!!  What are the odds I would find another newspaper article in the same newspaper two years later that made reference to my missing great-grand-aunt Phebe L Parker?  Not only that but what are the odds each newspaper article would have parts of her spouse's name wrong?  In my last post, I have an obituary for my great-grand-aunt Rosilla Parker Weidner which mentions a sister, "Mrs. Isaac Parr" which by process if elimination was determined to be Phebe L Parker.  Wonderful!  That gave me a lead, and I was excited. 

So I searched and searched for Isaac Parr or Phebe Parr in both Harford and Hartford, NY.  As you may recall there are both in the state of NY.  I believed very strongly that it was the Harford, without the t and it has turned out I was correct.  But there was no Isaac Parr that fit the information I knew to be true.  I was frustrated.  I had exhausted all possibilities.  I knew there were several other mistakes in the obit so now what do I do?

Yesterday I decided to take another look through the same newspaper to see if I could find anything else.  Sure enough I found another newspaper article dated about 2 years later that again made reference to Phebe by way of the spouse's name.  This time the name was a J. Banker.  Seriously?  Could she have remarried in 2 years time or was the name wrong in the first one?

Off to ancestry to do some more searching.  Long story short, I believe I have the name straightened out.  What are the odds the first article had the first name right but the last name wrong, and the second article had the first name wrong but the last name right?  Confused yet?  So was I!!  But after a lot of searching, comparing dates and locations with what little information I had.  I have determined, and I am pretty sure I am right, that Phebe's husband was actually an Isaac W. Banker.  To add confusion to the mix, Phebe was using her middle name, which I did not know what it was.  It has shown up as Louise, Louisa, and Ludemia!!

I also discovered that Phebe was married a second time.  Just one year after Isaac died she married a fellow by the name of Jonathan C Edmonds.  They were married for about 12 years before he died in 1917.  After that, Phebe remained unmarried until she died in 1931.

Here is the second article.

Mrs. Henry Rader was my great-grand-aunt Mary Amelia Parker Rader. It was at her house that her sister Rosilla died.

There is still much research to do.  I want to find out the cause of death of Isaac W Banker.  I found that Phebe's second husband committed suicide and have a newspaper article about his death.  But I am still researching Isaac.  I am also searching for the exact death of Phebe and concrete proof that I do indeed have the correct person.  I am 99% sure I do, but I want more proof.  What I have now is pretty strong circumstantial evidence and a ton of notes, LOL.

Thank you to for the articles I have found thus far and also to as I have found many articles on there as well.  Newspaper articles, both obituaries and stories can provide a wealth of information for someone who takes the time to search.  Genealogy is not always as easy and the commercials seem to make it look.  You have to be a detective and pay attention to even the tiniest of details and always, always think outside the box. It's OK to make assumptions, but then follow through and find the proof!!  

Many ask is it worth it to have some paid subscriptions to sites like, and  YES, it is!!  But don't limit yourself there.  There are plenty of free sites to take advantage of as well.,,, and many others.  Use them all.  You will find that each have some records the others don't.

Keep searching my genealogy friends.  The truth is out there!!

Until next time,,,,,,,


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Kicked down another brick wall,,,,,,,,,

May 6, 2017


Yesterday I spent a lot of time working on genealogy and managed to kick down another brick wall!!  I am so thrilled!!

Remember my last post about thinking outside the box?  Well, here is another way to think outside the box and it paid off for me.  I went on trying to find an obituary for my great grand aunt Rosilla Parker Weidner.  I was getting no where searching under the proper spelling.  Yes, I did find a not of articles about the Weidner family in general but not the obituary I was hoping for.  I did not know when Rosilla had died so I was doing a broad search of just the name Weidner and going through one paper at a time.  That can be a long and tedious process.  After a while I gave up and decided to see if I could find a better obit of her sister, Mary Amelia Parker Rader who also lived in Luzern County, PA.  All I have is a death notice and not a full write up.

So, I checked the Wilkes-Barre papers first, nothing!  I decided to check the Pittston papers just in case.  About half way through the process I found an obituary for Rosilla!!  I would have NEVER have found it doing the search I was doing because there were a ton of misspellings in the obituary.  First her name was spelled wrong, they had Rossilla instead of Rosilla, they had Widenor instead of Weidner.  And there were other words misspelled.  But at least I found it!!

So there is a tip for you, try different spellings and also look at other relatives in the same area.

To top it off in finding Rosilla's DOD I also found a missing sibling listed in the obituary.  For years I have not been able to find any information on Phebe L Parker.  Many in the family assumed she died young because we just could not find anything on her past the age of 15.  By process of elimination I have determined that the sister listed as Mrs. Isaac Parr is actually Phebe L Parker!!  Now to find her in Hartford or Harford, NY is another matter.  

There are both a Hartford, with a t and a Harford, NY.  The one with the t is in Washington County and the one without the t is in Cortland County.  I am leaning towards the one without the t because we already know we had relatives from Cortland County plus in 1935 when her sister Lydia died, she owned a house in Harford, Cortland County.  I am guessing but not proven yet, that house had actually belonged to Phebe.  Time will tell.  I still have a lot of research to do yet, but at least I have some good clues to follow.  Let's just hope they did not misspell Isaac Parr in any way, LOL.

Think outside the box and be creative in how you search!  It pays off!!

Until next time,,,,,,,,


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Sometimes you have to think outside the box,,,,,

May 2, 2017


Have a brick wall you cannot bust through?  I think all genealogist have been there at one point or another.  I have been there for years with my great great grandfather Benjamin Burlin Parker.  I track down every lead I come across.  Several times I thought I had it figured out but could never find and concrete proof to confirm the theory.  He was born in 1816, birth records were scarce back then.  Sometimes you are lucky and find what you need, other times,,,  not so much!!  We do not know for sure where BB Parker was born.  One census shows his father was born in Connecticut.  But I have not found any concrete leads there.

A while back I posted a newspaper article which stated my great grandfather, George W Parker was first cousins with Alton Brooks Parker, which if were true would mean that Alton Brooks Parker's father and my great great grandfather were brothers.  I searched that direction until the cows came home only to find no evidence that it was true.  :-(  I believe there is a family connection, but not first cousins.  But still, no proof and that search has run dry.

Time to think outside of the box.  There was 2 other Parker families in the same town as my Parker family, at the same time.  Neither have proven to be a connection at this time although, I suspect there is.  The one that I am currently researching is that of Charles M Parker, born 1836 and died 1864.  He was just 28 years old when he died.  He left behind a wife and 3 children.  One of which was a daughter Kate Parker, born ant. 1861.  My great grand aunt, Mary Amelia Parker was born act 1847.  Below is a picture of Kate and a picture of Mary Amelia.  Do you see the resemblance?


Kate is on the left and Mary Amelia is on the right. Slightly different ages and time frame but look at the face.  Do you see the resemblance?  The jaw line, the mouth and nose.  To me, they could be sisters, even though I know they are not.

So, because of this resemblance I have decided to research the family of Charles M Parker to see if there is a connection and perhaps break through my brick wall.  And maybe even help a descendant of his family in the process.

I found a Phineas Parker who I believe was Charles' father and low and behold, he was born in Connecticut!!  Possible connection?  Maybe!!  Age wise, I am leaning towards the possibility of him being my Benjamin Parker's uncle.  Which would mean he would be a brother to Benjamin's father.  So, now I need to find Phineas' father and siblings.  Fortunately, Connecticut seems to have good church records and with any kind of luck I will find a birth record for Phineas which will lead me to his parents.  Now I just have to find the time to do it, LOL.  I also have a couple of books about Parkers in America that I need to go through as well.  I often do not think there are enough hours in the day, LOL.  Actually, I think most genealogist feel that was from time to time.

Until next time,,,,,,


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Old newspapers and lilacs,,,,,,,,,

April 22, 2017


What do old newspapers and lilacs have in common?  Nothing!  I am actually writing two posts in one because I am behind on my writing. 

First, about old newspapers.  Scouring old newspapers is a time consuming and often tedious job.  But it is one of the best resources for genealogy.  And it can be quite interesting.  Recently, I found a couple of newspaper articles from when my great grandfather, George W Parker was a Constable in Eldred, NY.  It helps to paint a picture of what his life was like and the type of man he was.


You can click on either pic above to open it in a new window large enough to read.

I look through old newspapers every chance I get.  I have found numerous articles pertaining to both sides of my family.  Probably the most infamous article was discovering my great grandfather was married to two women at the same time!!  That was a bit of a surprise that lead me on a 2 year long search to find out who this woman was.  The first article I found was about a woman he married in 1895, 2 years after my great grandmother had passed away.  She was filing for divorce on the grounds that he "had a wife living with children".  Whoa, hold the phone!!  It was clear that she knew about my great grandmother because in the 1900 census my great grandparents daughter Edith was living with them.  By the way, she did not file for divorce until 1902.  She was just finding out about this other wife?  Seriously?  She was indeed granted the divorce 2 years later in 1904.  The search was on, who was this other woman?!!

I found the name of the other woman in another newspaper dated Dec. 6, 1893, just 6 months after my great grandmother had died.  He was wed in a home in Barryville, NY on Nov.30th 1893.  Now I had a name!!  More and more research finally led me to the correct one as there were actually 3 possibilities with the same name!!  I do not know if the 2 children she had were my great grandfather's or not, I am still researching that one.

So, long story short, don't discount looking through old newspapers, they just might help you break through that brick wall!!


Lilacs!  Beautiful lilacs!!  We have an abundance of lilacs this year and they smell incredible.  The conjure up memories of my childhood at my Aunt Emaline's house, working in her garden.  She had a good sized vegetable garden as well as lovely flowers around her yard.  Along one side was lilac bushes.  They lined the length of the garden area.  Seemed like when the lilacs were in bloom we were planting the garden.  I helped my aunt in her garden for many years.  I remember the sweet fragrance filtering in the air as we tended the garden.  In the opposite corner of the garden, in the back, was a willow tree with a concrete bench under it where we would sit and take breaks.  It was very enjoyable to sit for a while and smell the lilacs.  Such find memories!!  I hope if you have memories like this that make you smile, you write them down and share them with future generations.  

We cut a couple of bunches of lilacs and brought them into the house to enjoy.  The sweet fragrance fills the house and reminds me of those times so long ago.

The crystal vases that the lilacs are in are another part of my family history.  They were made in the Barryville, NY Rich Cut Glass Factory.  My great aunt Edith Parker's first husband, Howard Pelton was the forman there.  These vases were originally given to my grandmother and eventually worked their way to me.  I am blessed to have them!

Until next time,,,,,,,

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Time for a change,,,,,,,

April 12, 2017


I decided I have not freshened up the look of this page in a while so it was time for a change.  I don't know about you but after a while things can get a bit stale and boring.  I like to see a change every once in a while.  So now the header looks different and the craft page is gone.  My crafts will be sold in a different venue.  I'll post about that another time when I have things set up again.

Of course my main business is and always will be Parker House Pottery.  There is a link to that page by clicking on the tab above.  I think that site is due for a sprucing up as well, LOL.

I have so many genealogy files saved to my computer I am becoming very disorganized again and am due to take some time just to get things in order.  I keep finding new documents to support my research.  That's a good problem to have for a genealogist!  But unfortunately there are also some duplicates and I really need to whittle things down a bit.  July is typically a slow month in the crafting/ ceramics world so I think that will be a good time to just work on my genealogy files.  How often do you organize?  Do you have a regular system for organizing?  Any suggestions?  I am really not the best at organizing my files but I do make the effort when time allows.

I'm also behind on my correspondence with other family researchers and I need to take the time to do that as well.  I have made so many contacts over the years of researching and enjoy the thoughts and sharing of information.  My resource books need organizing again and I need to get back to working on the directory for the local cemeteries.  I have not done that in a while either.  Ah, the work never ends!!  But this is not really work to me.  It is a labor of love and a passion.  I love doing it!!

I would love to hear about your genealogy stories too!!

Until next time,,,,,,


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Do you ever wonder,,,,,,,,

April 10, 2017


Do you ever wonder what our ancestors would think of the world today?  What about all the technology we have now that they did not have?

Today I have been retouching old photos.  Removing the scratches, folds and tear lines.  It can be a tedious undertaking but so worth the effort.  I was working on a photo of my mom and Uncle Harvey taken most likely in the late 1920s.  It had a lot of lines to remove but looks so much better now.

Mom died 24 years ago in 1993.  Not totally before technology was exploding but I don't think she was ever around a computer before she died.  While I was working on the photo I wondered what she would have thought seeing the lines disappear as I worked on the photo on the computer.  What would she have thought about photos even being on a computer and posted to web sites or shared with friends and family across the miles?  Uncle Harvey had passed in the 80s and I am sure he would have been surprised as well.

My grandpa (mom's dad) died in 1922, mom was not quite 2 years old.  I wonder what his reaction would be if he could somehow come back to life today and see the world as it is now?  I think he would be so disappointed with all the hate and anger in the world. He would hate the violence for sure.  It is not the kind of violence from a war, such as the civil war that his father fought in, or WWI that happened in his life time, but just senseless violence because of hate and jealousy.  Violence because someone is not happy with someone else or some thing.  Peaceful solutions seem to have blown away with the wind.

I think all our ancestors would be so disappointed in the world today, especially after they worked and fought to make this a great place for everyone.  How terribly sad that younger generations have forgotten the sacrifices that were made so many years ago to better our country and our world.  How heartbreaking it is to think of what could be, then see the reality of what is.  

Most genealogists will tell you they think about their ancestors often.  We should never forget the sacrifices they made no matter how big or how small, they made many.  I am sure every country in the world had their times of great sacrifice, this is not exclusive to America.  So, let's all take time to reflect and remember.  And then instead of hate, anger and violence, let's make a change for the better.

Until next time,,,,,,,,,


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Searching a common name,,,,,,,,

March 30, 2017


I am currently working on my "Smith" line.  Smith!!  One of the most common names in the universe!!  Or so it seems.  Just a few short years ago the only information I had was my grandma Parker was a Smith from Jersey City, NJ.  Her parents might have been named Joseph and Eva.  Or not.  Not much information to go on!!  I knew that at one time my grandfather Warren Parker had lived in Jersey City.  He was married there, and they had a couple of their children there.

If you are not aware of this, Jersey City is a big place and it was even back then.  This was like looking for a needle in two huge hey stacks, LOL.  Trying to search "Smith" was not working, there were just way too many of them.  So then I decided to try to search for Warren Parker.  Yup, there were a couple of them but eureka, only one that was married to an Annie!!  I found my grandparents!!  And to further confirm it, there oldest boy had been born by the time the census was enumerated in 1900 and I knew his name.  Two of my grandmother's youngest siblings were living with them at the time, so I plugged their names into the family tree.  But what about her parents and her other siblings?

It wasn't until about 6 months later that I decided to take another look at the census and look at pages before the one my grandparents were listed on as they were at the top of the page.  Low and behold, there they were on the previous page!  The address the enumerated wrote in showed that they were actually in the same house!  It was a two family house.  Grandma and grandpa were in one apartment and grandma's parents and other siblings in another apartment.  It pays to "look around the neighborhood" so to speak.  Always pay attention to the details.

It turns out, grandma's father's name was not Joseph but John and her mother's name was indeed Eva.  Through newspaper articles and other documents I found after that I was able to confirm this information was correct.  What was really cool was I had the exact address they lived at and was able to google it and see what the house looks like today.

Over time, I have been able to find out about or at least the names of all her siblings, her parents, her grand and even great grandparents.  The search continues though as there has not been much information and I am hoping to find some living descendants.

Currently, I have been focusing on her brother William.  I found him in a 1920 census living with their brother Charles A. and his family in Jersey City.  He was single and working as a Chauffeur for a trucking company.  Chauffeur was the common name used for a driver of any type, not just a limousine as we think of today.

Note, it says Eighth St in the column on the left.  That info will come in handy later  William is on the bottom.  I know this to be accurate because I know the names of Charles' wife and children.

I then found William's WWI Registration card.

Note, he is living on Eighth St. He is a driver and his nearest relative is his brother Charles Smith.  Yes!!  This is the right William Smith!!  Do you have any idea how many William Smiths lived in Jersey City?  Way too many!!  Now I also have his date of birth!!

Then I found a WWII Registration card.

Still living on 8th St.  Same DOB but 2 things are different.  He is now married and is working on a WPA project.

Oh wait, he has a wife!!  Who is this Catherine?  I still have no idea.  But what I do know is by the 1930 census he has not only a wife but a 2 year old daughter named Patricia.  I have been able to track him up to 1942 in a city directory.  I found two Social Security records for him and truthfully I should have read the first one more carefully.  It was saying in 1983 his name was shown as William John Smith.  I know it is him because it gives his parents names and correct DOB.  But what I did not notice was that it was a claim for an "Original SS #"  that is much different than a "Life Claim".  So, apparently, someone in 1983 needed his SS# for some reason and perhaps did not know he actually had his own already.  I found another SS Record for him, that shows a different number but this was a "life claim"  in 1950.  So, it turns out he did not die in 1983 but probably in 1950.  It pays to really look at the details good.  I was in a hurry when I read the first record and made an incorrect assumption.  That is why I often go back to read things several times, just in case I miss any clues.  

I found him again in the 1940 census.  We'll have to wait about 3 years for the 1950 census to be released.  I am trying to find an obituary to see if I can glean any other information.  The search continues but I will probably switch to a different branch of the family for a while and give my tired eyes a break.  Sifting through all the Smiths in Jersey City is a big strain on the eyes, LOL.

Until next time,,,,,,,


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Update on family pics,,,,,,,,

March 27, 2017


In my last post I was talking about the family pictures I have inherited.  I still continue to sort and try to figure out who some of them are as time allows.  But first the update.  The picture I posted in front of the Parker House in Eldred, NY with Emily C. Parker Stevens, the lady with her is my grandmother Anna Smith Parker.  After going through other pictures and studying them closely I was able to figure out that was my grandma.  She would have been about 30 years old in that picture.  She and my Great Aunt Edith, my grandfather's sister, were very close.  Edith and Emily Parker were very good friends.  I believe Edith was the person taking the picture.

Then I came across a picture of my Aunt Edna and Bill Angerman, her husband.  It had to be taken somewhere between 1920 and 1925 when Aunt Edna died.  Sadly for them, they were not married very long when Aunt Edna passed from pneumonia.  Bill Angerman stayed on with my grandmother and family to help out as my grandfather had passed in 1922.  My mom was only 2 years old when her father passed.  In the 1930s Bill Angerman married my grandma.  Some of the family was not too happy about that, but Bill Angerman was a good man and he was good to my grandma and to my mother.  They were married for close to 25 years before my grandma passed.  Bill lived until 1977 and I always called him "grandpa".  I think of him often and the time I spent with him on the Parker homestead.

Bill and Edna Parker Angerman

Until next time,,,,,,



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Family pictures,,,,,,,

March 15, 2017


So, here I am with my first genealogy post in a while and I have a wee bit of a conundrum.  After my cousin Val passed last November her husband John sent me several old family pictures.  Some are written on the back who they are and the time frame but many do not.  I found one in particular that really has me scratching my head.  Well, I did figure out some of it and I think I am right on the rest but not 100% sure.  I have been enlisting the help of friends and family, trying to figure it out.

I know for sure this picture was taken in Eldred, Sullivan, NY.  That is the Parker House Hotel there on the right.  I spoke to Teenie Myers who's grandfather James Young Parker, built the Parker House.  Teenie believes the woman on the left is her mother.  I have no reason to doubt her.  The woman on the right is the mystery.  I am leaning towards it being my grandmother, Annie Smith Parker.  But there lies the problem.  I have no pictures of my grandmother at a younger age.  The only pictures I have were taken around 1955 shortly before she died.  A much older woman at that time.  This picture is circa 1910 - 1915.  Teenie was born the same year as my mother, 1920 and God Bless her she is still going strong!!

Here is a postcard picture of the Parker House Hotel.  The pictures are extremely similar, but different time frame.

Slightly different angle and time frame but it is definitely the same place.

Below is a picture of my grandma Parker.  She is seated in the chair.  Looking at the facial features, especially the nose and chin, I think she could be the lady on the right in the top photo.  What do you think?

Here are a couple of facts that I do know for sure.  Emily C. Parker Stevens, the lady on the left and my Great Aunt Edith Parker were very good friends.  Edith is not in the picture but might be the one who took the picture.  Edith was very close to my grandma who was married to her oldest brother Warren Parker, my grandfather.  The picture was in the possession of my cousin Val who died this past November.  I cannot imagine her having a picture of someone who was not related.  Val did not grow up in Eldred.  She grew up in Broome County, NY and was the daughter of my grand parents oldest child who lived to adulthood, Benjamin Warren Parker.  Val did not know anyone from Eldred that I am aware of other than family, so again, I see no reason for her to have a picture if this is not a relative.  Next, looking at the time frame the picture was taken, all my aunts would have been too young to be that lady.  My great grand aunts would have all been too old.  That, in my mind, leaves one possibility, my grandma.  But please, look at the pictures and tell me what you think.

One last picture, my great aunt Edith.  At first Teenie thought the lady on the right might be her only because Edith and her mother were such close friends.  But as you will see in the picture below there is no resemblance whatsoever.  Edith is on the left in this picture with her aunt Charity Hulse Chase.  

Until next time,,,,,,,,


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What to do???

March 14, 2017


I have been making a lot of changes around here and am now concentrating on the ceramics and pottery business, Parker House Pottery.  Which leads me to wonder what do I do with this site?  I am not working on the other crafts much because Parker House keeps me busy.  I am not sure if I want to get rid of these other crafts completely or just leave them there in case someone decides they want something.  And there might come a time, like last fall, where I will have time to make some new things to add, but then again, there might not.  I don't know, LOL.

I am also thinking about turning this back into my genealogy blog again.  I am still doing a lot of genealogy when I have some spare time.  And I do enjoy writing about what I have found.  But, will I have the time to write?  That is the big question.  I seem to get up and head straight to the basement most mornings, mainly because I am up so dog gone early.  But soon the weather will be nice and I will be out on the porch more early in the morning.  What do you think?

I have ended the sale for now in this shop but will be running another one in the near future so watch for that.  Leave me a comment or send me an email and let me know what you think.  I do value your opinion!!

Until next time,,,,,,,

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Sale, sale, sale,,,,,,,

February 6, 2017



Finally!!  Our "after the holidays sale is on!!  All items in the craft shop on THIS site are on sale or permanent mark down at 20% off.  Get your bargains while you can because this sale ends on Tues. Feb. 28th.  There is only one of each item available so if you want it, grab it before someone else does!!

All items are handmade by me right here in the USA!!

If you have any questions please feel free to email me.  Just click on the tab above!!

Happy Shopping!!!


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Experiments = experience part 2,,,,,

January 30, 2017


I am finally back to talk about my experiments.  It turned out to be very interesting.  The glass millefiori chips on the plate did not fare too well but that was a total experiment that I had no idea what the chips would do when they melted.  What I learned was it would not be worth trying to do design work with them because they lost most of their designs when melting.  They did melt well and it might be worth using plain glass chips to add color much like they did when using the old crystal glazes that had glass chips in them.

The kiln load was also under-fired a bit and I had to re-fire them.  That was a mistake on my part because I should have used one cone cooler than what I had.  When I re-fired I substituted another glazed plate for the one with the glass chips, no sense re-firing a piece that was not going to be usable or sellable.

The etched wares came out great once retired!!  Over-all, I am a very happy potter.


The one on the left you can see the plate with the glass chips, they just look like blobs of color, LOL.  The one on the right is a shot I did for instagram @candlehillfarms  it is 3 pictures combined and it was taken after the second firing.


The snow flakes on black really look pretty and remind me of snow flying against a night sky.  The zentangle design on the purple mug, (it's actually a dark purple like a grape color, picture does not do the color justice) has become my favorite mug.  I love the design work.  There are a few minor mistakes in it as it was my first time doing it.  And lastly the deep green plate came out awesome!!

I am really enjoying the etching, known as sgraffito.  It is time consuming but well worth the effort.  I love all the various designs that can be done.  I love it so much I kept going.


This is a set of 6 teacups and saucers.  First I penciled in the design, then etched it.  Then it will get 2 coats of clear glaze and be fired.  All my glazed items are food, microwave and dishwasher safe.  This will be a light green color, similar to a victorian green.

The last several days I finished the teacups and saucers including glazing.  And I glazed several of the dish set I had on the table just waiting for glaze.  I should have 2 kiln loads ready to be fired and will get that done some time this week.  Up next on my agenda of experiments is to make some simple drape molds.  Drape molds are used when working with slab clay to form shapes.  Some will be of small bowls and dishes.  I have so many ideas flowing through my mind right now and I am excited to tackle each one and see how they come out.

Until next time,,,,,,,,


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Experiments = experience,,,,,,,

January 19, 2017


I had planned on writing this blog earlier in the week but I have been busy experimenting in the shop.  Experiments equal experience.

My first experiment came about when I was going through some things in the basement and came across a bag of glass milifiori chips.  You'll see pics below.  Anyhow, if you buy crystal glazes they have glass chips in them.  Usually a solid color and milifiori chips have a pattern to them.  I know the glass chips will melt when I fire the piece in the kiln but what I don't know is how far they will spread during the firing and how much of the design I will lose in the process, if any.  So I took a small bread plate and clear glazed it.  Then I placed the glass chips on the plate while the glaze was still somewhat wet.  I added a drop of clear glaze to the bottom of the chips to help hold them in place.


On the left is the clear glaze in a cup, the plate, the milifiori chips and a bowl of water with brush.  In the middle is a close up of the chips.  You can see the neat designs in them.  And finally the plate, drying before being ready for the kiln.

So, my next experiment I wanted to try is actually two fold.  First is called sgraffito, (the scratching in) in this case scratching into the underglaze to create a design.  Sgraffito has been around a lot longer than I have but for some reason I have never tried it before. The tools I am using are not really sgraffito tools but they are working well so I will not complain.  They are actually the same tools I use to etch my polymer clay stamps.  The second part to this is called zentangle.  Zentangle is a type of art work typically found in pen art or drawing but it is crossing over to other mediums.  So the first attempt at this is a mug that I started calling "my crazy purple zentangle mug", LOL.


On the left you will see I have 3 coats of purple underglaze, (the color will look different after firing) and I am just starting to work in a design.  The second picture shows more of the design being added.  And the final picture shows the full design etched in.  It does go completely around the mug.  Not shown is a shop of the mug looking green with two coats of clear glaze over the purple and sgraffito work.

Then I moved on to another plate.  This one also has sgraffito work done on it.  I found although it is time consuming, I really like doing sgraffito work.


On the left, penciled in the design and started a light etching.  In the middle the etching is compete.  And the one on the right shows me starting to apply the clear glaze.

I have also been busy trying to get a full load of glazed items ready to go in the kiln.  So, I have several items not pictured that will go int he kiln with these experiments.  I decided I had room for one more mug.  So my final piece is a mug underglaze in black and I am etching in snowflakes.  It is not quite finished yet and then will also need two coats of clear glaze.  I do think it will look pretty when it is done.


On the left I started marking in a rough guide as to where the snowflakes will go and on the right I am in the process of etching in the snowflakes.  The pattern goes completely around the mug.  It will also get 2 coats of clear glaze.  I was hoping to be firing the kiln by the end of this week but I still have a long way to go on the mug yet so it is looking like one day next week.  I'll share pics once it is completed.  I can't wait to see how things turn out, if they turn out!!

Until next time,,,,,,,


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Where have I been????

January 13, 2017


Where have I been??  I bet you thought I got lost or fell into the kiln, LOL.  It's been a combination of things that have kept me away from the blog these last 10 days.  I switched from making clay stamps to starting on some polymer clay jewelry.  Pendants and beads to be specific.  And I took a couple of days to just rest.  Much needed rest!

I must admit I am really out of practice making polymer clay jewelry.  I made it years ago, but have not done it in a long time.  I am also trying to decide if I want to sell finished jewelry or just the beads and pendants for you to make it into jewelry.  I think I enjoy making the beads and other pieces more than I like making them into finished jewelry pieces, so I am still kicking this around.  Any suggestions?

I still had a lot of clay from years ago so it is great being able to use some of that up.  But I also have a good supply of new clay for new and different projects.  I have some pictures below of what I have been working on.

After I get a decent start on this work I want to start on pottery again.  I have a ton of ideas running through my head that I want to give a go at.  You'll just have to wait to see the pictures, LOL.  Just a little teaser there for you, ha-ha!!

Forming small beads from some old zebra cane that I had.

Making a pendant with a solid black base and using some really cool cane.

Pendants and possible earrings going into the oven to bake.

More pendants, beads and possible earrings going into the oven.

I love the pattern in this cane, so bright and colorful.

Starting to drill holes in all the beads I made.

Until next time,,,,,,,,,


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Parker House Pottery,,,,,,,,

January 2, 2017


I am so happy, I finally have the Parker House Pottery web site now up and running!!  You can click on the tab at the top of this page or the web site is  I sure hope you will all visit the site and let me know what you think of it.

I will be adding new items as quickly as I get them made so please visit often!!  I will keep all other hand made crafts on this site but ceramics, pottery and clay related items now have their own home.  :-)

By the way, did you see the hats I added for sale to this web site?  And the price on the chalk board signs have been reduced.  Check them out!!

Until next time,,,,,,,,

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I'm so addicted,,,,,,

December 29, 2016


It has been a while since I have written.  I just can't help myself.  I am so addicted to making clay stamps!!  I have several pictures to share below but let me first get you updated on the happenings here and Candle Hill Farms and the future Parker House Pottery.

The etsy shop is now closed.  It will not reopen but will be totally deactivated on January 2nd.  I will sell all crafts except clay related items here on Candle Hill Farms.  All clay related items will sell on my Parker House Pottery site.  I will post the link to that on January 2nd when it is officially open.  I still have much work to do on both sites before the new year begins but if it is not completed I still intend to open for business.  I hope everyone understands that these are both growing businesses and so will change and evolve as the business does.

I hand carve all my clay stamps.  They are made from polymer clay.  They can be used on various ceramic clays and pottery.  They can also be used to decorate fondant for cakes or used to press into cookies.  Below are just a few pictures of the stamps I have been making, in various stages.  They will be available on the Parker House Pottery site.






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Creative juices are flowing,,,,,,,,,

December 13, 2016


My creative juices kicked into high gear and I have been in the basement working since 5am.  But I have been having a blast!!  I am working on clay stamp designs.  I make the clay stamps out of polymer clay.  To me, polymer clay is easier to work with, more durable and can be used on many surfaces including cookies and fondant but it makes a wonderful stamp for use in ceramics and pottery.

The pictures I am going to post are of the molds for the stamps.  Some are deep enough and ready to hard bake and make stamps with.  Others are not deep enough and so I soft baked them to hopefully, make it easier to etch them in a bit deeper for a crisper stamp.  I use the term bake because polymer clay is not fired in a kiln but rather, hardened in an oven.  I use a little toaster oven for this job.

   Two of these, as you can see, is plenty deep enough to make stamps with while the other one needs to be etched in more.

   Here is the tray ready to go into the oven for a soft bake.  Once cooled I will etch in the ones that need to be a bit deeper and then do a hard bake which will make them completely hard and ready to use.

All of my clay stamps will be available at my Parker House Pottery web site after the first of the new year.  I am still working on the site so have not published the web site address yet.  So check back here after Christmas for a link to the site.

As for my etsy shop.  The holiday sales are over, the last day for shipping in time for Christmas was yesterday and I am winding down for the year.  The etsy shop will be closed after Christmas.  I will sell all crafts except ceramics and pottery on this site and all pottery and ceramics on the Parker House Pottery site.  I can't wait for the grand opening!!

Until next time,,,,,,


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Last sale of the year,,,,,,,,,,

December 8, 2016


In celebration of my Great-great-grandfather, Benjamin Burlin Parker's 200th Birthday on Saturday, December 10th I am having one last sale of the year.    It is amazing to me to have a family connection that spans two centuries.  I feel blessed to have gotten to "know" this man through family genealogy research.  He was such an honorable man and a pillar of his community.  So, in celebration I am having one last Flash sale, Saturday, Dec. 10th only, 9am to 5pm central time.  Take 20% off your purchase and enjoy free shipping or drop shipping at my etsy shop only.  (Click on the tab above).  You must use coupon code  HAPPY200 at the check out to get your 20% off.

​Just a reminder, the last day to order for Christmas shipping is Dec 12th.  After the Christmas holiday, all sales will be moved here to my web site or to the Parker House Pottery web site and I will no longer be selling at etsy or  Don't worry, I will honor any sales or deals made on either of those sites even after they are closed.  Bookmark this site so you can get back here to shop after Christmas!!

Until next time,,,,,,,,,


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