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Old newspapers and lilacs,,,,,,,,,

April 22, 2017


What do old newspapers and lilacs have in common?  Nothing!  I am actually writing two posts in one because I am behind on my writing. 

First, about old newspapers.  Scouring old newspapers is a time consuming and often tedious job.  But it is one of the best resources for genealogy.  And it can be quite interesting.  Recently, I found a couple of newspaper articles from when my great grandfather, George W Parker was a Constable in Eldred, NY.  It helps to paint a picture of what his life was like and the type of man he was.


You can click on either pic above to open it in a new window large enough to read.

I look through old newspapers every chance I get.  I have found numerous articles pertaining to both sides of my family.  Probably the most infamous article was discovering my great grandfather was married to two women at the same time!!  That was a bit of a surprise that lead me on a 2 year long search to find out who this woman was.  The first article I found was about a woman he married in 1895, 2 years after my great grandmother had passed away.  She was filing for divorce on the grounds that he "had a wife living with children".  Whoa, hold the phone!!  It was clear that she knew about my great grandmother because in the 1900 census my great grandparents daughter Edith was living with them.  By the way, she did not file for divorce until 1902.  She was just finding out about this other wife?  Seriously?  She was indeed granted the divorce 2 years later in 1904.  The search was on, who was this other woman?!!

I found the name of the other woman in another newspaper dated Dec. 6, 1893, just 6 months after my great grandmother had died.  He was wed in a home in Barryville, NY on Nov.30th 1893.  Now I had a name!!  More and more research finally led me to the correct one as there were actually 3 possibilities with the same name!!  I do not know if the 2 children she had were my great grandfather's or not, I am still researching that one.

So, long story short, don't discount looking through old newspapers, they just might help you break through that brick wall!!


Lilacs!  Beautiful lilacs!!  We have an abundance of lilacs this year and they smell incredible.  The conjure up memories of my childhood at my Aunt Emaline's house, working in her garden.  She had a good sized vegetable garden as well as lovely flowers around her yard.  Along one side was lilac bushes.  They lined the length of the garden area.  Seemed like when the lilacs were in bloom we were planting the garden.  I helped my aunt in her garden for many years.  I remember the sweet fragrance filtering in the air as we tended the garden.  In the opposite corner of the garden, in the back, was a willow tree with a concrete bench under it where we would sit and take breaks.  It was very enjoyable to sit for a while and smell the lilacs.  Such find memories!!  I hope if you have memories like this that make you smile, you write them down and share them with future generations.  

We cut a couple of bunches of lilacs and brought them into the house to enjoy.  The sweet fragrance fills the house and reminds me of those times so long ago.

The crystal vases that the lilacs are in are another part of my family history.  They were made in the Barryville, NY Rich Cut Glass Factory.  My great aunt Edith Parker's first husband, Howard Pelton was the forman there.  These vases were originally given to my grandmother and eventually worked their way to me.  I am blessed to have them!

Until next time,,,,,,,

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Time for a change,,,,,,,

April 12, 2017


I decided I have not freshened up the look of this page in a while so it was time for a change.  I don't know about you but after a while things can get a bit stale and boring.  I like to see a change every once in a while.  So now the header looks different and the craft page is gone.  My crafts will be sold in a different venue.  I'll post about that another time when I have things set up again.

Of course my main business is and always will be Parker House Pottery.  There is a link to that page by clicking on the tab above.  I think that site is due for a sprucing up as well, LOL.

I have so many genealogy files saved to my computer I am becoming very disorganized again and am due to take some time just to get things in order.  I keep finding new documents to support my research.  That's a good problem to have for a genealogist!  But unfortunately there are also some duplicates and I really need to whittle things down a bit.  July is typically a slow month in the crafting/ ceramics world so I think that will be a good time to just work on my genealogy files.  How often do you organize?  Do you have a regular system for organizing?  Any suggestions?  I am really not the best at organizing my files but I do make the effort when time allows.

I'm also behind on my correspondence with other family researchers and I need to take the time to do that as well.  I have made so many contacts over the years of researching and enjoy the thoughts and sharing of information.  My resource books need organizing again and I need to get back to working on the directory for the local cemeteries.  I have not done that in a while either.  Ah, the work never ends!!  But this is not really work to me.  It is a labor of love and a passion.  I love doing it!!

I would love to hear about your genealogy stories too!!

Until next time,,,,,,


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Do you ever wonder,,,,,,,,

April 10, 2017


Do you ever wonder what our ancestors would think of the world today?  What about all the technology we have now that they did not have?

Today I have been retouching old photos.  Removing the scratches, folds and tear lines.  It can be a tedious undertaking but so worth the effort.  I was working on a photo of my mom and Uncle Harvey taken most likely in the late 1920s.  It had a lot of lines to remove but looks so much better now.

Mom died 24 years ago in 1993.  Not totally before technology was exploding but I don't think she was ever around a computer before she died.  While I was working on the photo I wondered what she would have thought seeing the lines disappear as I worked on the photo on the computer.  What would she have thought about photos even being on a computer and posted to web sites or shared with friends and family across the miles?  Uncle Harvey had passed in the 80s and I am sure he would have been surprised as well.

My grandpa (mom's dad) died in 1922, mom was not quite 2 years old.  I wonder what his reaction would be if he could somehow come back to life today and see the world as it is now?  I think he would be so disappointed with all the hate and anger in the world. He would hate the violence for sure.  It is not the kind of violence from a war, such as the civil war that his father fought in, or WWI that happened in his life time, but just senseless violence because of hate and jealousy.  Violence because someone is not happy with someone else or some thing.  Peaceful solutions seem to have blown away with the wind.

I think all our ancestors would be so disappointed in the world today, especially after they worked and fought to make this a great place for everyone.  How terribly sad that younger generations have forgotten the sacrifices that were made so many years ago to better our country and our world.  How heartbreaking it is to think of what could be, then see the reality of what is.  

Most genealogists will tell you they think about their ancestors often.  We should never forget the sacrifices they made no matter how big or how small, they made many.  I am sure every country in the world had their times of great sacrifice, this is not exclusive to America.  So, let's all take time to reflect and remember.  And then instead of hate, anger and violence, let's make a change for the better.

Until next time,,,,,,,,,


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