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My etsy shop is up and running,,,,,,

July 30, 2016


Just a short note to let you know my shop is up and running!!  I still have more to add and lots to make yet but I felt it was time to let you all know I was working my way back and working hard to gear up for the holiday season.

I am offering FREE shipping in the USA now until December 31st.  Plan your Christmas shopping at!!

There are many great things heading your way.  I will have pictures and videos of how I make my products here on this site.  Just look under the "crafts" tab.  I'll also keep some pictures of items for sale on this site under the "etsyshop" tab.  Sign up for our email list to be notified when new items are added.  I will not share or sell email addresses and no one will see your information but me.  Sign up over there  >>>>>>>>>>

To visit my etsy shop click HERE.

Until next time,,,,,,,


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Hit and miss

July 21, 2016


‚ÄčI will be hit and miss for a while because I am frantically working to get things made for my shop I hope to get reopened soon.  Please sign up for the mailing list and I will be happy to send you an email when things are hopefully back to normal again.

Thanks bunches!!

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