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End of the week brain dump,,,,,,

October 28, 2016


Another week has come and gone and I have not gotten done all that I set out to do this week.  It was a week of computer problems and I thought for sure either the upgrade on my iOS was corrupted or I did something wrong.  Very happy I hooked up the external hard drive and took the time to save everything on my computer, just in case.  But it turned out I really did not need it.  It also turned out the problems were not because of something I did but rather a result of the cyber attacks the country was under for the last week.

The media is saying it was the Russians attacking us but I wonder was it the government of Russia or some teenage computer genius hacking us from his home computer or a computer at school?  Will we ever know the truth about what goes on in this world?  It seems more and more what we thought was reality was just illusions brought on by our own government to "keep us in line" or under control.  I feel like we are all wearing a mask of sanity and each are really insane from all the confusion.  I know, a bit over the top but somedays you really have to wonder what is real and what is not.  Who tells the truth and who does not?  Ugh!!

Anyhow, I did get a heart shaped rug started this week and was really hoping to have it done by now but I was busy trying to keep my computer from being eaten alive by this damn cyber attack.  I did not know what was causing the problems at first but I spent the week trying to fix them.  Everything seems to be working OK now.  Keeping fingers crossed!!  

    This fabric is a print with grays and tans.  It is doing up really pretty.  The fabric is very stiff though so the crocheting is slow going as my hands cramp pretty quickly.  It will be nice and thick and comfy on the feet when it is done.  There will be no knots in it as I always sew the ends rather than tie them.  Hopefully I can get it done by the early part of the week and listed on my etsy site.

Until next time,,,,,,,,,


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Off topic,,,,,,,,,

October 24, 2016


I know this is really off topic from my business posts but I feel I really need to follow up on this.  After my post last Friday where I posted pictures of one of America's finest, an Army soldier I did a little research on scammers.

I knew there were scammers out there but I had no idea just how epidemic the situation was, until now.  And I am probably only scratching the surface.  I found that 10s of thousands of military people have had their pictures and ID stolen by scammers.  Most of those pictures are used to create profiles for the scammers to use to try to cheat people out of money or sometimes other personal items.  Sometimes they are used to get people to "do them a favor" which puts the unknowing victim at risk of being arrested for possession of stolen property or contraband of some sort.

There are numerous types of scams going on.  You have won the lottery but have to pay the taxes first, I need help and will pay you back, I have been falsely arrested and need bail money and the list goes on and on.  First they befriend you and claim they love you, then they scam you.  Sometimes they just want your pictures to create another ID.  Of course you do not know that.  They will send you a few pictures and want pictures in return.  Most scammers will pose as either a man or a woman depending on what they are trying to achieve at the time.

For some time now I have only posted one picture of me online and that is an old one at that.  I will not send pictures of myself to anyone, under any circumstances.  Scammers have a multitude of Facebook accounts.  I was on one military fb page that was trying to expose scammers yesterday to see pictures of the same guys over and over with different names and profiles.  In other words, different Facebook accounts.  As for military goes, a blue check mark should be visible on their account if they are real military, but still be careful.

Scammers are every where.  Every form of social media has scammers.  Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, FaceBook and all the others.  It is in epidemic proportions.  While not all scammers pretend to be military a lot do.  Some steal police officer's IDs as well.  They will also steal your friend's ID.  It's not always about money.  If you have several pictures posted they might just want your pictures so they can create a new ID to use for themselves.

Please be very careful.  

Some tips you can take to prevent being scammed:

​Do NOT affiliated your cell phone with Facebook or other social media, even though they will ask you for it all the time.  Eventually they will stop asking.  Cell phones are the easiest way to hack into Facebook accounts today.  There are actually step by step instructions on the internet on how to do it.

Use an email address for your log in information that you do not use for anything else.  Do not give that email address to anyone!  If you are concerned about a designated family member needing to get into your account in case something happens to you then create a "what to do in case" notebook and keep it in a safe place in your house where only that designated person knows it is, but keep it private otherwise.

​Put your Facebook page along with any other social media to private.  Only allow "friends" to see your posts.

Do not post a lot of pictures of yourself.  If someone you trust wants to see more pictures of you and you know them well then send them in email.  Don't post them on your Facebook page for all the world to see,,,,, and steal.

Pay close attention to someone when they talk to you, even via typing.  If someone claims to be an American soldier do they sound like it?  What is their English like?  Is it limited in vocabulary?  Broken and out of place?  Do they understand the things you are saying?

​Finally, educate yourself on the huge business of scammers.  There are numerous web sites and Facebook pages out there to read up on this.  Pig Buster is one of them.  They are doing a great job trying to bust the scammer pigs who are attacking innocent people and disgracing our military in the process.  Google it.  On Facebook do a search for military scammers to see what comes up.  We all need to make smarter decisions to protect ourselves and others.  Scammers are relentless, they do not stop, they will come at you from several directions at the same time.

To my knowledge I have not been scammed but I have sure been attacked several times.

I wish you the best in fighting the good fight,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,


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End of the week brain dump,,,,,,,,,

October 21, 2016


This has been one of those weeks.  Not one sale from the flash sale I had announced on here, but maybe it is still just a tad too early.  I will try again in November.  I have had a week loaded with computer problems.  I really thought I would not have as many with Apple computers but this was the week for it.  Apparently there was a glitch when loading the latest version of the operating system and it messed up all my settings causing somethings to not work correctly.  Long story short, I am still working on getting most of the settings straightened around.  It is very time consuming but it is getting there.  On the bright side, it served as a good reminder to get my external hard drive set up and have a back up of everything, just in case.  I have been meaning to do that for a while so at least now it is done.  Honestly, somedays I hate computers, LOL.  They have become like men, can't live with them, don't want to live without them.  Hmmmm , but then again, without them might not be too bad, LOL  Just kidding!!

Talking about computers and the bad sides of them, (yes, there is also some good in them too), how many of you have been approached by a scammer online or know someone who has?  Well, I have.  A couple of weeks ago it started on Instagram.  This guy pretended to be Pastor John Hagee.  He was a fraud.  I also confirmed this by calling the Hagee Ministries in Texas and speaking with the folks in the office who were aware of this guy but because he was in another country it was of course very difficult.  So, I told the guy I called Pastor Hagee's office and that he was a fraud and to leave me alone.  Actually, I gave him a royal chewing out, LOL.  Needless to say he closed his account on Instagram and moved on to greener pastures.  Well, maybe.  Personally, I think he has turned back up, using another name.  And I believe he may have stolen someone's ID.  Well, at least their pictures, possibly their Facebook account and a lot of personal information.  Just enough to make him sound real.

However, he does not sound like the native born American he claims he is.  His language and sentence structure is all wrong.  He does not recognize some American words, which he should.  I am not really sure what his game is but I think he is trying to get some lonely woman to want him in their life enough to bring him to this country.  I think he is pretending to be American to first get them "hooked" and then will not spring it on them until he believes they won't back away.  Yup, I am letting him play his little game for now.

But wait, there is good reason.  I want to try to find the soldier who's identity he has stolen and help him get through this.  After all, this soldier is sacrificing a lot to serve our country and we should never forget this.  So, do you know the man pictured below?  Please contact me if you do.  Please share with your friends and pass this around, maybe we can find him.  The scammer has given me the following information.  I do not know if any of it or all of it belongs to this man but it might provide a clue.  Name:  Jonathan Waltz,  Age:  47  Height: 6'  Born and raised in Marion, OH


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October 17, 2016


​I have a few important announcements concerning my shop at etsy.  First, starting around November 1st. I will have a drop ship program in place where you will be able to have Christmas purchases drop shipped to your loved one at no additional charge.  There will also be available gift wrapping, cards and more.  Check back here for more information!!

Did you know if you click on the tab above that says, "Shop at Etsy" it will open my etsy shop for you in another window?  You won't have to look around for my shop at etsy you will go directly there and this window will not close our automatically just in case you have more reading to do.  So go ahead, give it a try!  And also, if you click on the tab above that says, "ShopHandmade" it will do the same thing, take you to my shop at and you will not have to hunt around for it.  My shop is still a work in progress as I learn my way around there.

After I finish this post I am going to create a tab for my food blog, so you will be able to click on the tab and go directly there as well.

I am currently working on some more rag rugs and hope to have them ready to post by the end of the week if all goes well.

Now the biggest announcement.  Ha!  I made you read through the entire post for this, LOL.  I hope you like it.  Are you ready?  Well, OK then!  Drum roll, please!!  ***FLASH SALE***  Flash sale today until noon central time on Thursday.  Take 10% off any order over $20 excluding taxes.  And still enjoy FREE shipping!!  You must enter coupon code 10FLASH10 at the check out to get the 10% off.  That's October 17th, (today) thru October 20th (Thursday) at noon central time.

This sale is ONLY  being announced through this blog on my web site.  You must read the blog to find the sale, LOL.  Yup, I am a bit sneaky that way.LOL  This is where all etsy shop and shop handmade shop announcements will be so check back here often!!  This FLASH sale is being held at my etsy shop only and not at the shop handmade shop.

Happy shopping,,,,,,,,


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October 7, 2016


TGIF!!  It has been a busy week and I am happy to see it slowing down,  well, sort of, LOL.  I will be making sausage this weekend and canning beets.  :-)

​I had a pretty busy week.  I finally made time to finish the cream colored yarn rug and I think it is very pretty.


This beautiful rug is now available in my etsy shop.  Just click on the tab above to go directly to my etsy shop to see this and other wonderful hand made items by yours truly.  :-)

After finishing the rug I decided to try my hand at making clay stamps from polymer clay.  These stamps will be able to be used with stamping designs into pottery clay, other polymer clay or even used in stamping fondant in cake or cookie decorating.  I made 5 to start with.  They still need to be trimmed and sanded a bit before they are called finished.  It is a little bit of a learning curve and I have already decided there are a few things I will do differently the next time.


I still have to do some trimming and sanding but not too bad for a first attempt.

As most of you know I share my house with Win and 2 cats.  These cats are spoiled beyond belief!!  They have everything any cat would ever want.  A huge cat tree/condo  100s of toys and their own cat beds.  They do hang out on the cat tree from time to time and both love their little beds.  The toys they have grown tired of and do not play with them as much as they used to.  Of course they are both growing older.  So, I decided to make them each a blanket for their cat beds.  Well, more like a pad because I doubt they will cover up with the blankets but will more likely like to snuggle down into the bed and blanket, on top of the blanket.  So, I got Friskie's started.  I am slo going to make them each their own matching ball of yarn with any left over yarn from the blankets.  It will be tied off so it will not unwind but will leave a short length of tail for them to pull the ball of yarn around with.

This one will be Friskie's.  Her bed is red with cream and black flecks.  This goes well as the lighter color is a cream and has the black flecks.  Since I took this picture I actually have it finished except putting some trim on it.  I do not put fringe on anything I crochet around here because cats can get the fringe off then choke on it.  So I just crochet an edging instead.  Besides, I think edging looks prettier.

I don't know what I will get myself into next week.  I want to get down stairs and throw on the wheel some more and also work on these stamps more and try to perfect the process on those.  Perhaps I will take the week off from crocheting anything and just work on clay.  Have a great weekend everyone!!  Please keep the folks in the path of Hurricane Michael in your prayers!!

Until next time,,,,,,


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October 3, 2016


As promised, I have a couple of pictures of the pieces I threw last week.  First time throwing in well over 15 years.  Definitely need some practice, but they are not as bad as I thought they might be.  They are not centered good enough but salvageable with a little extra work.  They are not good enough for me to sell.  I am way too picky to allow that.  If I would not pay good money for it, I will not sell it.  Quality control!!

They will make handy items around the shop though.  I already have plans for the larger one that is on the heavy side.  It will hold my carving tools.  I think the other one will probably hold a couple of sponges on sticks and my slip brushes for attaching handles and other such things.  They won't go to waste!!


I trimmed up the top first before turning it over and starting to work on that mess of a bottom.


With some more work, this won't look half bad.  At least it will be functional and I will get some use out of it.

I'll do the same with this one, trim the top then turn it over and trim the bottom.  The Giffin Grip worked great and I am very happy with it.  Things will only get better from here.  :-)

Until next time,,,,,,


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