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Nothing ventured, nothing gained,,,,,,

June 10, 2015


As you may recall not all that long ago I discovered my grandmother, Anna E. Smith Parker Angerman's parent's name's, John Smith and Eva Green, her grandparents on her mother's side,  Jacob and Regina Van Glahn Green.  I found memorials on for Jacob and Regina Green and I was so excited!!  But of course as any true genealogist and researcher I wanted to know more.

I clicked on the name of the person who created the memorials and read her profile.  As it turns out, Jacob and Regina were her third great-grandparents and my second great-grandparents!  Well, I thought, nothing ventured, nothing gained and I wrote her an email asking her about the Green and Van Glahn families.

We all have busy lives and my new found distant cousin is no exception, LOL.  She replied the other day and I am so terribly grateful!  She sent me an 85 page report on the Green and Van Glahn families.  It includes a little bit on the Smith line.  But what it includes that has me just flipping excited is the name of my grandmother's grandfather on her father's side!!  That would be my great-great-grandfather, Phillip Smith, father of John A Smith.  On formal records it states that Phillip Smith was born in Pennsylvania.  I can't wait to start searching for him!!  I am estimating he was born in the 1820s or 30s depending on if John was a first born child or last born. 

There can be a lot of years between the oldest and the youngest.  There was 12 years between my brother Leon and I.  And there was 20 years between mom's oldest brother Benjamin and her, she was the youngest child.

I am still reading through all the information she sent me but I am so terribly grateful for her help!!  And who knows what else I might find?

So, you see it really is true, "nothing ventured, nothing gained".  Had I not written her I might not have ever found out about John A Smith's father's name.  Now I have a lead to start my search with.  So don't be afraid to ask questions of anyone and everyone you come across when doing your own genealogy and research.  Sometimes, you won't glean any useful information but sometimes you will hit the genealogy mother-lode, LOL. 

Until next time,,,,,,,,,,

 Grandma - sitting, and Aunt Emaline and Aunt Blanche.



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Attention users,,,,,,,,,

June 1, 2015


I just wanted to make a short post and give you a heads up regarding  As many of you may already know ancestry is up for sale and might even be auctioned off.  Rumors and questions have been running wild in the genealogy community about what will happen to the accounts at as well as at their other holdings.  For example, will the new owners make a paid site?  It has always been free, volunteers helped to set it up by creating memorials and taking pictures.  I am afraid if it is turned into a paid site, volunteers will strip it bare by removing the memorials that were created and all that information will be lost.  Save anything you want to keep.  Copy it, print it or do screen prints to save memorial pages at to be on the safe side.

Then Friday evening I heard rumors that information has been going missing in family trees on ancestry.  And the links between ancestry and the Family Tree Maker Program had either been broken or were just not working.  Folks were suggesting you go in and save your files at as quickly as possible, just in case they simply went under if they could not get it sold.

So, Saturday morning I went in to start saving files down to my computer, just to be on the safe side.  I have a ton of work on that site, not only my personal family trees, of which there are several, but also the trees I worked on for my business.  Over the last couple of weeks I have done a ton of work on my grandmother Parker's family.  It was all gone!!  I was so heartbroken!!  None of the information I had saved to my family tree on ancestry was there!!  So, I started looking at other trees and there was some information missing on them, especially what was entered recently, within the last few weeks.

It took me all day Saturday to re-enter the information and then get everything saved down to my computer.  The link between and Family Tree Maker on my computer was not working right at first.  But after a few tries I got it to download everything to FTM and confirmed it.  I also saved some gedcom files but truthfully, I do not like them.  It's still a back-up and that is the most important thing.

I do not know what is going to happen with or any of their holdings but I do strongly encourage you to save all your work to your computer and be on the safe side.  I would even make a back-up on a thumb drive or CD if possible.  At the very least, print out a hard copy of everything you have.  Save everything!!!!

Until next time,,,,,,,,

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