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A pleasant distraction,,,,,,,,

May 28, 2015


Many of you know I have been trying to redo my front porch as time and weather allow.  Yesterday I had to take a day off and just give my body a break, so I allowed myself to be distracted by my genealogy, LOL.  And it turned out to be a pleasant distraction!

Some time ago I had mentioned how I discovered my grandmother, Anna E. Smith Parker Angerman's parents name's.  If you recall I had acquired a copy of her marriage license when she married Bill Angerman.  Her parents name's were on the certificate.  I had been researching them on and off since then and found some information before but not much.  Yesterday I decided to confirm what I had and to see what else I could find.

Grandma was one of 8 children.  Jacob the oldest was born in 1874 and unfortunately he died at the tender age of 22 in 1896 in Jersey City, NJ.  I found a death notice for him but not an obituary yet.  I do not know how he died, but that he was single when he died.     Makes me feel sad to hear of someone dying so young, and I wonder what happened.  Hopefully, I will find the answers someday.

John A Smith Jr was the next child born.  Best I can tell he was born in March of 1876 if the census is correct.  I have not found anything further on John Jr. at this time.  Then along came Phillip born in Oct 1879, I don't have anything else on him either.

Then my grandma, Anna E. Smith born 8 Mar 1880, she died in 1955 in Eldred, NY.  I am not sure why she is not listed in the 1880 census with her family.  At first I thought perhaps she was born after the census was enumerated but I double checked and the census was not enumerated until June and she was born in March so I would think she would be listed.  I did discover in the 1900 census she is married to my grandpa and listed in his household but after studying the census further I discovered they must have lived in a two family house at the time because her parents were listed on the previous page with the same house number.

There was a family listed in between them with a different house number so I am wondering if the enumerator didn't realize it was a two family house and had to go back?  Who knows what happened for sure?  But it does pay to really study those census reports!

After Anna, came Charles A Smith.  Charles died in Broome County NY.  He had 3 children.  Then William Smith.  I am not sure what happened to William but I do know at the age of 34 he was living with his brother and was listed as single, so I am assuming he never married.  William was born in Oct of 1886.  Then we have Henry born 20 May 1890 followed by Eva born in 1891.  I have no clue on either of these two at this point.

One interesting thing that was fun to do was having exact addresses in Jersey City where they lived at one time I was able to look at the houses on google maps.  That was pretty cool.

Also I found my grandmother's grandparents, Jacob and Regina Green.  They lived in Jersey City just around the corner from my great-grandparents and they are buried in Jersey City.  Someone has created memorials for both of them on because their daughter Catherine, (who was my great-grandmother's sister) was this person's great-great-grandmother.  I sent her a message on but have not heard back from her yet.  So cool!!

So, I keep digging as I have time, but today needs to be a work day for me. 

Until next time,,,,,,,,

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Been too long,,,,,,,

May 8, 2015


It has been too long since I have written.  About a month.  Worse yet, I have not done a thing on my own family genealogy to write about, LOL.  I have had numerous other projects in the works that have kept me tied up.  I am redoing my front porch.  It needed new screening, painting the trim and the floor, as well as just freshening things up.  So, I am also getting new furniture for it and making matching cushions for the chairs, bench and glider.  It is not finished yet as the rain for the last week and a half has slowed me down a bit.

I am also getting ready for a yard sale and have started my spring cleaning.

In amongst that I have had a couple of cases to work on for others.  Juli's contract with Texhoma has come to an end so she has not had much work available.  Never one to let the grass grow under my feet I have been out drumming up work for me.  I still need to make a living.

My writing on DeWitt-Blog has taken a turn into a different direction and I am no longer writing specifically about DeWitt County.  Currently, I am writing a series on Homesteading which I am enjoying immensely.

I have signed up for some "affiliate programs" and you will see on DeWitt-Blog and soon on here as well, some ads for other companies.  If you happen to click on their ad from one of my sites and then buy something I will get a commission for that.  Those commissions will help pay for these web sites.  I plan on putting ads on this site over the weekend barring anything unforeseen coming up.

This week I hope to tear apart my office and get more work done on it.  I seem to get a start on it and then something else comes along that takes priority.  We are going to have more rain so work on the porch has come to a halt until the rain clears out completely.

I'm really not sure I like the look of this site so after I get some of my other jobs caught up I want to re-work this again.  I am a country girl at heart so I am hoping to change it to country graphics and background.  Not sure when that will be and I still need to figure out what exactly I want it to look like, LOL.

Until next time,,,,,,,,,,,

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