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A different approach,,,,,,

April 7, 2015


I am still pulling my hair out trying to sort through all the genealogy records I have acquired over the years along with those I keep finding online.  For the most part I ignore other family trees on, we all know most can be very inaccurate.  People see a name and think, "oh that fits" when often it does not.  Or they think those green leaf hints on ancestry have to be correct and automatically add them to their tree without researching and confirming they are correct info.

It really irritates me.  That is not a genealogist.  That is someone who is just very lazy.  They want to "do their genealogy" but don't want to do the work involved in doing it correctly.  In my haste to find the connection between my great-great-grandfather Benjamin Burlin Parker with Capt. John Benjamin Parker of the Massachusetts Militia I did something very stupid and started adding items on ancestry without making sure they were accurate.  I know better but I got in a hurry.

So now, I have started a new tree.  But I am going at it with a different approach.  I am working from way back in time and coming forward.  I have two books here on Parker family history and genealogy.  Each volume well over 500 pages.  The first book, "Genealogy and Biographical Notes of John Parker of Lexington and His Descendants: Showing His Earlier Ancestry in America from Dea. Thomas Parker of Reading, Mass., From 1635 to 1893" written by Rev. Theodore Parker in 1893.  The second book, "Parker in America 1630-1910" written by Augustus G Parker.  Both are considered to be the ultimate authority on the Parker family in America and in England.  Both offer a tremendous amount of detail but both are very difficult to read.  The copying of the original books has left some areas worn and faint. So I am going slow on this.  One page at a time, LOL.

I plan on working my way through Theodore Parker's book first then go back and confirm that information with Augustus Parker's book.  As I read down a generation I will add the names and dates published in the books and ignore the hints on ancestry until I get this completed.  Once all the names and dates are added in I will look at the hints on ancestry to see if any of the records they have fit with what I have entered.  If they do, then I will add them, if not, they get ignored.

This will be a huge undertaking which will probably take me at least a year to complete.  But with that I should have the most accurate information possible.  At that point I will follow up with area genealogy societies in the areas my ancestors lived and died.  By then I think I will be ready to retire, LOL.  Hopefully, along the way I will finally be able to put my great-great-grandfather with the correct line of Parker's in America.

Until next time,,,,,,,,,,,

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